Botswana adopts a renewable energy approach to amplify efforts to improve electricity supply

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Botswana using it’s energy parastatal Botswana Power Corporation looks o buy up to 10MW of electricity under the Rooftop Solar Programme.This programme is made possible through collaboration with USAid . The company has given a three year period to allow fruitation of this project. 2MW is expected from residential homes and the other 8MW from the industry.

The Department of Energy, under the Ministry of Mineral Resources, Green Technology and Energy Security has adopted guidelines for a Rooftop Solar (RTS) Programme. Botswana Power Corporation (BPC) consumers can participate in the programme, which allows them to install a grid-tied ground or roof mounted solar system to generate electricity for their own use while selling any excess to BPC.

How does the RTS Programme work?
• It allows domestic consumers to install grid-tied ground or rooftop mounted solar systems with capacity up to 35kW; and it allows up to 1 MW in capacity for Commercial & Industrial (C&I) consumers
• It allows domestic and C&I consumers to generate electricity for their own use from solar panels and sell any excess back to BPC
• It allows a consumer’s excess generation, which is sent to BPC, to serve as a credit for the consumer’s next bill
• It is capped at 10 MW for the first 12 months of the programme and is re-evaluated annually

How do I qualify?
• You must be a BPC consumer and have title to the RTS system, sited on the same property as your meter
• Size your RTS system such that it generates no more than 110% of your previous 12-month consumption, and has capacity no more than:
• 35 kW of generating capacity for domestic consumers
• 1 MW of generating capacity for C&I consumers
• Your system must be designed and installed by a licenced electrician or certified engineering professional, meeting all codes and standards for grid interconnection
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What do I need to apply?
Permit – For all domestic and C&I solar systems in this programme, the RTS consumer must obtain a permit (permits are for a 15-year term), which consists of an Interconnection Agreement and a Certificate of Completion:
• Interconnection Agreement (ICA) – For domestic consumers, the ICA is
standardized and simplified, requiring minimum terms and conditions relating to safety and technical standards for the consumers to be connected to the grid
• Certificate of Completion – After installation and inspection of the RTS system,BPC (or its representative) will certify its completion
For C&I solar systems between 100 kW and 1 MW:
Both a permit and generation licence must be obtained. Licences are for a 15-year term.
Submission must be by 30 November 2020 via online application on the BPC website.

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