Engineering skills which will be in demand in Botswana in the coming year/s.

Incubator being assembled during 2019 Makeathon at University of Botswana

Botswana like any other country has been thrown into a state of confusion by the COVID Pandemic. Not many people are getting used to the new way of doing business and living. Some are calling it the new normal. But despite the negatives that the Covid Pandemic has placed upon the world economies ,some may say it was a necessary evil to drive the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Did it really provide the nudge humanity needed to depend on technology? Undoubtedly most have moved to online shopping, interviews, talk shows education and even ways of engagement socially have been added among us. However as we navigate these uncertain times one thing is certain. Engineers are the core of any nation’s development going forward. They are now more than ever part of the conversation. Here are engineering professions that are certain to be on demand in the coming years localy.

We have divided them into three  fields :

  • Biomedical engineering – Biomedical engineering or medical engineering is the application of engineering principles and design concepts to medicine and biology for healthcare purposes.
  • Manufacturing Engineering is a branch of professional engineering that shares many common concepts and ideas with other fields of engineering such as mechanical, chemical, electrical, and industrial engineering.
  • Information engineering- is the engineering discipline that deals with the generation, distribution, analysis, and use of information, data, and knowledge in systems

we have narrowed it down for our  local tertiary institutions so that you know what and  where you can study these fields in Botswana.


Career path : Research, design, build, test, maintain and improve all manner of things, from power plants, renewable energy systems and electrical generators, to robots computer systems and aircraft engines and cars. If it is a machine, it was this engineer that made it.

Earning Potential : plus per year for 1-4 yrs experience according to PayscaleSA

Tertiary in Botswana : Bachelor of Engineering (Industrial Engineering) – University of Botswana

Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering  – University of Botswana

Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical Engineering)  – University of Botswana

Combined Bachelor of Engineering Degree (Major in Mechanical Engineering) – University of Botswana

Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical and Electronics – New Era College

Diploma In Motor Vehicle Engineering  – GIPS


Career path – Application analyst,Cyber security analyst,Data analyst,Data scientist,Database administrator,Information systems manager,IT consultant,Penetration tester,Software engineer ,Systems analyst

Earning potential : Average P 10 000 – P35 000 plus per year for 1-4 yrs experience depending on field of study  according to PayscaleSA

Tertiary in Botswana :

Associate Degree in Software Engineering- Limkokwing

BSc Computer Science – BIUST

BSc Information Systems & Data Management  –BIUST

BSc (Hons) Network Systems Engineering – Botswana Accountancy College  

BSc (Hons) Mobile & Web Technologies  – Botswana Accountancy College

BSc (Hons) Information Communication Technology (ICT) – Botswana Accountancy College

BSc (Hons) Business Intelligence and Data Analytics – Botswana Accountancy College

     BSc. (Hons) Computer Systems Engineering – Botswana Accountancy College

Biomedical engineering ;

Career path – Biomaterials ,Biomechanics ,Cellular, Tissue, and Genetic Engineering ,Clinical Engineering, Orthopedic Bioengineering and Rehabilitation Engineering.

Earning potential : P 264 000 plus per year for 1-4 yrs experience according to PayscaleSA

BSc Biology & Biotechnology    BIUST

 Chemical & Forensic Sciences  – BIUST

BSc Pure & Applied Chemistry – BIUST

BSc Forensic Sciences-BIUST      

If you can make the right choices THEN you can earn well and join the fourth industrial revolution  to improve the livelihoods of Batswana.

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