Tshepo Themba Engineering South Africa to open in Lobatse ,Botswana

Tshepo Themba Engineering was established in 2006 when  the founder realised  that there is a market for special risk in fixed fire systems. The company specializes in the design, fabrication and installation of water systems and in particular fire protection systems. Their vast experience in automated and manual fire protection systems to power stations, Sub-stations, boilers, conveyors, cable tunnels etc. is substantiated by more than 400 installations they have completed. Their services are not limited to water and pipe systems but extends to steel and pipe work in general whilst focusing on ‘special risk’, fire protection. The company has successfully completed pumping and piping systems and several major commercial fire protection installations such as high rise hotels, shopping malls and warehouses. They are also registered in Botswana (2018) and have experience working internationally, especially  in Africa. Tshepo Themba Engineering currently has projects in South Africa, Namibia. Ethiopia, Mozambique, Botswana and Oman (Middle East).

In Botswana the company will be based in Lobatse. Within the next 3 to 6 months Lobatse will be operational. In the interim The company has been awarded its first contract and are working on it.

Speaking to Engineer Magazine  during Electra Mining, Pieter Van Den Berg,  the Managing Director of Tshepo Themba Engineering, said “Botswana has a lot of opportunities in the mining, water utilities and other similar sectors and we feel that we can contribute to these projects so a decision was made to use Botswana as a base for the  manufacturing and supply of our products to the region due to the positive environment and stable economy as well as the stable labour force. We believe that Batswana youths are educated but that they lack opportunities and exposure to companies that may complement and/or supplement their skills and equip them to be valuable employees and also become entrepreneurs. They are trained but need this assistance. They can be useful in other sectors as well. Theoretical skills they possess but they lack of practical opportunities. In  this field you have to have good knowledge of industrial plants and the risk of fire associated with it. Generally,  the knowledge can be obtained through studying but the skills must ideally be obtained in the workplace.” He  further went on to explain that with regards to fabrication these systems are critical and of a safety nature so it is mandatory that the quality of the product is of extreme high level thus well qualified welders are required  The installation teams need to be meticulous in quality and have the job completed as per the approved design, codes and standards as our installation is of a safety nature.

Commenting on Electra mining Botswana, Pieter Van Den Berg said  “we received a very positive response and a lot of interest in our products. In  general the visitors feel there is a need for our products as they stand for safety and safety standards especially in the power, mining and industrial sector. Thanks to Botswana for the hospitality and interest in our products.”

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