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Women Engineers Botswana is a Non-profit organisation designed to be a network of talented women in all majors of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (S.T.E.M.). It was founded in 2016 by Bonolo Mpabanga and comprises of students and employees in these STEM majors.

Women Engineers Botswana was created to showcase different women in various engineering professions, who have achieved some of their goals. Our goal is that the other engineers and women in the same profession can relate to the women in the blog site we have shared below. They can get exposure of what engineering is about, thus, creating industry awareness. The blog serves as a motivational tool to meet the intellectual needs and aspirations of young women in Botswana. 

Our vision is to share stories of creative minds to empower and engage the youth through online content. Women Engineers Botswana is the motivating force that establishes STEM as a highly desirable profession for women through an exciting range of mentorship programs, workshops and panel discussions pertaining to STEM degrees which are open to the youth of Botswana to attend. Exposure to different areas in science and engineering from an early age is important, this is why the volunteer program that does mentorships to both secondary and primary schools in the private and government sectors helps the organisation achieve its long term aim.  

At this point in time, WEB has built a team of like-minded individuals and putting together resources to create a network of women engineers. The plan is to build a community for the youth of Botswana to seek advice, to connect and get inspired. Our goal is to reach our communities through mentorship programs, science clubs, workshops and panel discussions. The organisation plans to expand its base to other different parts of the country since at the moment, it is based in Gaborone with mostly its members as students of the University of Botswana and some of BUIST.  The organisation wants to see an increasing number of young women choosing STEM professions and also collaborating with other national, regional and international organizations and associations in STEM within the public and private sectors.

BLOG: Society of Women Engineers Botswana



 The team

Natasha Moleele- Co-founder

Neelo Maseba- Marketing

Adjoa Madiabaso- Brand Ambassador

Sepelong Pule- Programs

Wendy Jacobs- Finance/ Treasury

Vivienne and Sekao- Partnerships/ Collaborations.

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